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How is Augmented Reality Transforming Healthcare Education?

Ajit Ramesan - 15th March 2018 - 0 comments

Technology has influenced education drastically and with its capabilities has transformed educational environments and made it more engaging.

Today’s educators know that learning cannot just be reading and writing but should also include creative elements as well so that there is complete learning happening at the facility. Healthcare education is also no different when it comes to technology-aided learning environments.

Nowadays we may find a lot of examples of Augmented Reality in various educational environments, but medical training technology company CAE Healthcare who believes in innovation has taken augmented reality to a whole new level by merging augmented reality to build practical skills for doctors and nurses. With the latest introduction of LucinaAR combined with Microsoft HoloLens the possibilities are limitless.

The simulator system consists of life-sized manikin of a mother and fetus, with movable joints and expanding uterus. Once the training members put on the HoloLens, they can select the LucinaAR app and view various stages of pregnancy projected onto the mother manikin through the HoloLens. The training members can elevate the 3D models and view it in 360 degrees. It is also not necessary for the members to have a physical manikin to practice the procedures which makes it easy for training members to practice with just the HoloLens.

Currently, LucinaAR gives members an entire visual simulation of birth in shoulder dystocia a rare pregnancy that is complicated and difficult for delivery. With using the HoloLens students can practice techniques and simultaneously view what is happening inside the patient. CAE Healthcare is planning more updates and features for the LucinaAR app in the coming months, and we could expect more scenarios to be added to the platform.

Augmented Reality is the future of healthcare education and CAE Healthcare is always on the forefront to bring such advancements into the field of training and education.

Learn more about how you could include augmented reality in your medical simulation and training environments through the experts at Leader Healthcare who are the exclusive distributor of CAE Healthcare medical education and simulation solutions in GCC.

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